18 x 24 on Canvas



Original: Not for sale


This is a special piece therefore I'll explain why it's not for sale. On May 7th, 2019 my 29-year old cousin was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She is one of the most fit and healthiest people I know but regardless of her lifestyle, cancer still found a way in. We're both from Connecticut but took the courageous steps to leave home and explore the world (okay maybe not exactly the world but the US to be specific lol). When I was made aware of her treatment, my first thought was why is she not back home with our family during such a critical time. It was an egregious reminder that the value of her life is just a profit to others. Due to having state insurance she was not able to go back home to Connecticut where she would have gained the most comfort during this time. Between the plane tickets, PTO, diminished bank accounts it made being physically present difficult for me and others. So, in my physical absence I decided to do what I do best. CREATE! The original is for my cousin to have a daily reminder of the strength she carries regardless of what’s in front of her. She shares the story of many other women. There’s an abundance of strength, beauty, bravery, and faith from those who fought, those fighting, and those who conquered breast cancer.


Even though the original is not for sale prints are available. In addition to making this piece. Profit from the Strength prints will be donated to my cousin to support her needs during treatment and to the Susan G. Komen foundation to continue research on finding a cure. 


Prints Available. All prints are packaged in a sleeve and shipped within 7-10 business days.


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