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Art is incorporated into our daily lifestyles whether you realize it or not. That is how we created the saying "For some art is simply a hobby while for others, it is a lifestyle." Through love, passion and dedication to the arts, Artsyrella (art-see-reh-luh , you know like Cinderella) was founded on December 29, 2012. Artsyrella provides services and products across three areas; graphic design, visual arts, and fashion. Being a business that aligns with these three areas allows our work to continuously support and reinvest in the art community, small business, and trendy millennials .


We expanded our business to capture the love of fashion with our unisex clothing line called SALUTE x Artsyrella. As we continue to grow we will develop additional initiatives to not only provide services but to create opportunities to  preserve the arts through spreading creative energy to all rising designers and artists.


Meet The Team




Executive Assistant

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Brittany Golding


Founder & CEO

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Brittany was born and raised in a Jamaican household in Hartford, CT.  She currently resides in Maryland and works in DC. Brittany received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts majoring in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2014. She received her Master's  of Social Work from the University of Connecticut in May 2017. Brittany has literally been creating art her entire life.

Outside of the arts, Brittany is very passionate about social issues that impacts marginalized communities. She has spent over 9 years working with at-risk youth.  Throughout her public servant trajectory she has helped push public policies, organize communities, and participate in international research on Syrian refugees in Armenia. She has a blog dedicated to social issues and mental health called Grounded Truth LLC.




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